Celtic Spring Festival 2018
Workshops - Craft Fair
Coming April of 2018 at Wendler Middle School, 2905 Lake Otis Pkwy.

Celtic Spring Festival is a day of Celtic workshops and craft fair starting at 10am to 5pm.

Originally started as an event for the Alaskan Scottish Club back in the 1990’s. They had an idea to bring together members of the community with a desire to share their knowledge and skills with the club. It has evolved today into a day-long event for all of south-central Alaska to participate in:

  1. Workshops taught by our peers, focusing on lectures, craft items/make and takes and physical activities.
  2. A craft fair of with over 20 different booths by local artisans.

This event is hosted by the Celtic Community of Alaska.

Sponsors of our event include:
Alaskan Scottish Club
Irish Club of Alaska
Celtic Treasures
Ancient Celtic Scribes
Irish Dance Academy
McGinley's Pub
Anchorage Scottish Pipe Band
Throughout the Day
Free Performances are offered throughout the day for those who come to browse at our Craft Fair.
Classes and Costs
The workshops, lectures and activities that are offered during Celtic Fest are taught by our own community members who have an interest, skill or in some cases, extensive research on a particular subject related to our Celtic heritage. The classes have a small fee associated with them that goes to the instructor. There are free performances throughout the day and our vendors are open throughout the day. More
Instructor Biographies
This page contains information on the members of our local community who have stepped up to share these exciting classes this year. Many instructors will have links to learn more about their artwork and craft or additional information on the topic of their class. More

Welcome Vendors
As our event grows we recognize the important role that you, our community vendors, play in making the day memorable. Though it is specifically themed to the Celtic community, it is open to all of south central. Please take a moment to click on our sign-up form, to the right, that outlines the details of our event as it relates to vendors. It also contains the contact information for our vendor coordinator. If everything works out, we look forward to seeing you at our event.

Upcoming Celtic Events

Event Calendar

Day Schedule

Instructor Biographies

Classes and Costs

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