Celtic Community Instructor Biographies

Dawn Berg
Dawn Berg has been singing and sharing folks songs since 1991. She is singing at the March 17th “Evening in Ireland” show at the Tap Root and at the March 25th Autism Resource Center Book Fair” at Barnes and Noble.

Matt Cacy
Matt Cacy is a well recognized student of history. Best known for his western martial arts instruction, he has also cultivated a deep interest in Scotch and and its history.

Robin Cacy
Robin Cacy is an historian and reenactor with the Historic Recrudescence Guild. She studies medieval cooking and cooks for the groups at the Red Rooster Inn during the Three Barons Fair.

Kevin Hall
Kevin Hall is a graphic artist from Anchorage. His artwork has been a feature of the Scottish History exhibits and at the Alaska Scottish Highland Games.

Debbie Herrick
Debbie Herrick is crafter as well as the Co-chair of the Alaska Scottish Highland Games.

Elisabeth Holmgren
Elisabeth Holmgren is a local architect, commercial salmon fisherman, permaculture and energetic garden designer, aromatherapist and Access Conciousness® body process and Bars® facilitator. She has been using essential oils and herbs exclusively for family health care since 2004. She says, “My daughter NEVER missed school under my watch, whereas her classmates missed weeks of school for illness. The plant kingdom has our back!”
She completed 2 intensive essential oil certification courses, White Sage Landing and Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy. Elisabeth adds, “Most significantly, in my opinion, two times I healed myself of cancer using plant medicine and without Western medical intervention except diagnosis. This was the most empowering course I took in my life so far!”

Heather King
Heather King is a drum instructor and plays competitively with the Cameron Highlanders of San Diego.

Nancy Lee-Evans, PhD
Nancy Lee-Evans, PhD, writes, lectures and leads tours to Ireland. With a PhD in Irish Celtic Tradition, she loves to help people discover the richness of their ancestral Celtic heritage.

Kerry McMillan-Howard
Kerry MacMillan-Howard is a baker who has won both categories of shortbread competition at the Alaska Scottish Highland Games many times. She will be sharing her tips and tricks for successful shortbread, and will invite other winning bakers to address the class with their own secrets to success.

Dave Rasmussen
Dave Rasmussen has been competing around the country in the Highland Games for the past eight years. He is expected to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Health Physical Education and Recreation with Minors in Coaching and Nutrition this spring. He is the owner of Ballistic Strength and Conditioning, certified as a Sports Performance Coach with USA Weightlifting and the Alaska State Representative for United States Strongman.

Lisa Caress-Beu
Lisa Caress-Beu owns and operates Celtic Treasures, a retail Celtic import store in Anchorage, Alaska. She has loved faeries for many years.

Beverley Courtenage
Beverley Courtenage is a kindergarten teacher who strongly believes in fairy magic.

Sean McGrane
Sean McGrane is a life-long Alaskan, an original member of the Irish Club of Alaska, and at one-time a jeweler and a gold miner in the gold rush area of Alaska and Yukon. He is currently the president of the Irish Club of Alaska, holds a BA in History and a graduate degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Dixine Schiavi and the Midnight Sun Cloggers.
Dixine has over 40 years of performance & competitive clog dancing history that began in Southern California. After moving to Anchorage she started her own all-female clog & percussive dance team in Anchorage, the Midnight Sun Cloggers. Since then there have been over 40 performing members, all who have had no previous clog dance experience; Dixine taught each team member to clog dance from scratch, and she is very proud of each and every one of them. Dixine does not teach regular clog dance classes to the public, but only this one annual workshop at Celtic Spring Festival. Some of the members of Midnight Sun Cloggers will be on hand to perform/demonstrate clog dancing and to help out during this very fun workshop.

Rev. Amberle Wright
Rev. Amberle Wright is High Priestess and Principal Minister for Light & Shadow Seminary, serving the local alternative religious/spiritual and interfaith communities through classes, workshops, rites, and circles since 2007.

Linda Yarborough
Linda Yarborough is a harpist from Anchorage, with many years of performing and teaching experience. She often plays at Celtic Community events, and enjoys learning new tunes from the various Celtic traditions.

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