Celtic Spring Festival
2017 Classes and Costs
Music (M)

So You Want to Be in a Pipe Band
This class will be an introduction to pipe bands in Anchorage and the vicinity; providing history, music, lessons, materials, and answering questions.
Kerry Howard, Jenni Stewart, Anne Cross, Aja Stewart, Heather King 10 – 11 Free

Appreciating Hunting Songs
Come learn a variety of fox and hare hunting songs from Celtic Countries and beyond.
Dawn Berg 10 – 11 $5

Introduction to Drumming in Bagpipe Band
This class will introduce beginners to music, the sticks, and skills to play the drums using a drum pad.
Heather King $11:30 – 12:30 $10

Introducing the Harp
Learn about the history of the harp, in particular Celtic harps, and then get acquainted with a harp and learn to play a simple tune during a short group lesson. Handouts at the end with information on teachers, and how to find harps and music. Class limited to 10; harps provided.
Linda Yarborough, 1 – 2 $10

Advanced-Beginner Harp
Come to learn a few simple Celtic tunes, and arranging tips to play them solo, or with others. Workshop taught by ear; written music handed out at the end. Bring harp (all types welcome), class limited to 8.
Linda Yarborough 2:30 – 3:30 $15

Lecture Series (L)

Discovering Brigit – Goddess and Saint
Ancient Goddess. Christian Saint. Neo-Pagan Deity. Who is She? Discovering Brigit, teaches some of her basic aspects and offers tools for learning and exploring the idea of welcoming her into your life.
Rev. Amberle Wright 10:30 – 12:30 $15

Mysteries In Stone
Explore the cultural significance of astronomical alignments of and ancient carvings on the megalithic stone structures of Ireland and the British Isles.
Nancy Lee-Evans, PhD 1 – 2 Cost $10

Cooking from the past—How the Celts influenced our modern recipes
Learn how modern cooking and recipes were influenced by the early Celts, their environment and trading.
Robin Cacy 2:30 – 3:30 $10

History of Scotch
This class will provide a description of Scottish Whisky; the history, types, stages of malt whisky production, maturing, regions, flavors, tours, and what is offered at the Scottish Highland games. No alcohol will be on the premises.
Matt Cacy 4 – 5 $10

The Irish in Alaska: The Klondike Days
Discussion of famous Irish who shaped Alaska’s history from the purchase of Alaska to World War I - 1867-1917. The Irish Alaska History Project will use interviews, letters, diaries, written accounts, images and objects to build and preserve the story of the Irish in the Last Frontier. If you have family history that you would like included in this project, please bring it with you.
Sean McGrane 4 – 5 $10

Celtic Uses for Alaskan Plants
Discover how to identify, use and prepare 6 – 8 plants that grow in Alaska but are also part of the Celtic tradition.
Nancy Lee Evans 4 – 5 $10

Make & Take (M&T)

Fairy and Hobbit Houses for Children
Learn about fairy houses and how to build them for either indoor or outdoor habitats. This is a make-and-take class, so you will have one to take home. We’ll have supplies, but bring natural and quirky materials that you might like to incorporate. For ages 6-12, with a parent; no smaller tag-a-long siblings, please. Class limited to 10.
Lisa Caress-Beu and Bev Courtnage $15 10 – 11:30am

Celtic-knot Coasters
You will be using various Celtic knot patterned rubber stamps to design your own two unique cork-backed ceramic coasters.
Debbie Herrick 12:30 – 2 $15, each additional coaster: $5

Design Your Own Home Remedy Using Essential Oils
Learn to converse with your body and with plants and, based on that conversation, make and take home a remedy created from the most conscious, Artisan-distilled, essential oils available on the planet. Elisabeth Holmgren 2:15 – 3:45 $20

Ogham Writing
Learn about this ancient celtic alphabet and how it still exists today. This is a fun and easy class to learn about history and to walk away with a nice piece of personal artwork. Use provided materials to produce your own examples.
Kevin Hall 2:30 – 3:30 $15

Scottish Shortbread
This class will share the history of shortbread, the recipes and molds used, and other award winning tips and tricks. Each student will leave with fresh shortbread to eat or take home.
Kerry Howard and award-winning guests 4 – 5 $10

Physical Activities (PA)

Introduction to Highland Games Athletic Events
A historical description of the Highland Games athletic events is presented along with video representations of the many different events. Following the presentation, students will take to the field to have an opportunity to learn to throw like the Heavies.
Dave Rasmussen 1 – 3 $10

Beginning Clog Dance
Come dance with the Midnight Sun Cloggers! This is a very easy clog dance class, even for non-dancers, don’t be intimidated…go for it! You will learn basic clog dance steps, then a fun clog dance routine. We normally wear tap shoes, but any flat-heel leather-soled footwear that won’t kick off will be perfect for this class; rubber-soled athletic shoes are okay if they are well-worn and slide easily; no cowboy boots, no wood clogs…if you have dance shoes or tap shoes, bring ‘em!
Dixine Schiavi and the Midnight Sun Cloggers 4 – 5 $10.

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